Other items:
1) Jute Bags
2) Cotton Bags
3) Mail Bags
4) PVC/Nylon
5) Suit carriers
6) Printed Tissue paper
7) Plain Tissue paper
8) PP Boxes
9) Shirt Boxes
10) Hat Boxes
11) Printed Tapes
12) Adhesive labels
13) Non Woven
14) Bags for life

Environmentally friendly carrier bags:

Recycled materials:
1) Counter Bags
2) Twisted Paper SOS
3) Tape Handle SOS
4) Block Bottom/Pharmacy
5) Patch handle

Degradable materials:
1) Flexiloop
2) Vari-gauge
3) Patch handle
4) Vest/Supermarket

Natural materials:
1) Jute Bags
2) Cotton Bags

Paper Food Bags

Main Uses: Bakery bags - Flour bags - Hot Food protection - Take Away

Our hot and cold food bags range from uses for flour to hot chickens. These can be supplied with a greaseproof wax, LDPE or HDPE layer to protect the paper from the food product. Alternatively a foil coating can be added to the inside of the bag to insulate hot food. Further more, acetate windows can be added to the bag so that the product can be seen by the customer should the packaging be used as a point of sale item.

The food bags can be produced to with single or multiwall layers of paper to carry weights from 0.25kgs ups to 25kgs. The multi walled bags can also be used for charcoal and other bulky items too.



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